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Principal’s Message

I am delighted to welcome you to Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College (SCCVC), an exciting new Senior Secondary College which commenced in 2010.

SCCVC is committed to high quality vocational learning and training provision. The College is supported by and a part of the Sydney Catholic Schools network, and engaged with the NSW Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards and Business/Industry partnerships, and is a place where personalised learning is paramount. This commitment was recognised in the College being a finalist in 2011, and winning the 2013 and 2015 Australian Training Award for the ‘School Pathways to VET’ category. We are a centre of and for excellence! We celebrate and recognise the critical place and role of applied, hands-on learning.

SCCVC is a unique and special place for young adults to learn and grow. They are supported by and through a Cluster (House) system and mentoring, and opportunities for student leadership. Each Mentor and Mentor group fosters a strong sense of welcome and well-being, promoting the development of employability skills and focusing on each student’s individual needs.

Our learning and training facilities are state-of-the-art, with more than $24 million invested in the campus establishment. We endeavour to assist our young men and women to engage in all areas of the curriculum in an engaging and vibrant environment. Our aspiration is to prepare our students with the skills and knowledge to meet the ever-increasing challenges of further learning and training, the workplace and local and global citizenship. With 18 different Vocational Course offerings, the options and choices are rich and diverse!

Many of our students combine their coursework with a School-Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship. This a fantastic opportunity-combining the completion of the first year of apprenticeship/traineeship with the HSC. For many this provides a headstart in their career, as well as engaging them in their work and learning through their senior years.

Choosing a school can be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions a parent/carer makes; it is an investment in your your adult’s future. I would encourage every parent/carer to look for the school and pathway that best suits the aspirations, needs and interests of your daughter and son.

SCCVC staff are highly professional; they bring richness and experience from education, business and industry. Their commitment underpins the strength and welcome of the SCCVC community. As a parent I know how critical connectedness and good relationships are in a school, and how a quality education is based in and on a strong partnership between the College and home. Staff welcome and encourage open, consistent and positive communication with parents/carers.

Finally, it is my hope that every student who walks through the gates of SCCVC feels welcomed, valued and respected, and through their engagement and participation, develop a strong sense of belonging to the SCCVC community. This website cannot take the place of visiting our College; I warmly welcome you to visit us here at SCCVC and discover firsthand what makes this place, this workplace of learning so special.

Southern Cross is committed to the success of young adults: that they become the best people they can; they undertake the best learning, on campus and elsewhere, they are capable of; so that they graduate as the most skilful and employable people they can be.

I look forward to seeing you at Southern Cross in the near future.

Patrick O’Reilly




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