Vocational Courses at SCCVC Burwood NSW


  • Assessment - An Assessment Handbook will be provided to outline the assessment requirements and timing of all courses. Assessments will be consistent with NESA requirements for both Year 11 and Year 12 courses. Further information about assessment will be provided at the student orientation. Attached here is the SCCVC Year 11 Student Assessment Handbook 2018 and SCCVC Year 12 Student Assessment Handbook 2017-2018  for all details pertaining to assessment across all courses at the college.
  • Downloadable forms - If for some reason your child needs to be absent from the College for five or more consecutive days during Term time, they will need to get the attached form signed by their Learning Facilitators and members of the College Leadership Team. Student Exemption from Attendance
  • Mentoring - Each student is assigned a mentor to provide them with guidance and support.
  • Pastoral Care - The pastoral care of the students is integral to all aspects of College life. The College Leadership and Learning Facilitators (teachers) have carriage of a pastoral care policy that has the welfare of the students at its heart. ‘Mentor groups’ are a core support in meeting the pastoral and learning needs of our students. Access to counselling services are available.
  • Policy Documents - All of the relevant policies related to college pastoral care and discipline matters here at SCCVC.