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Each student is assigned a mentor to provide them with guidance and support.

The Mentoring Program at Southern Cross aims to help students to become Work Ready and World Ready. The seven-term program is designed to help students to develop their social and emotional skills, along with employability skills needed for the workplace. Each week, students meet with their Mentor in their Mentor Groups and complete activities that are specifically designed to help them achieve their goals. Guest speakers and special days to commemorate and celebrate significant events such as Harmony Day are also included in the program.

The themes for the Mentoring Program are:

  • Term 1: Accepting the Challenge – Making Good Choices
  • Term 2: Tools for Success
  • Term 3: Preparing for the next step
  • Term 4: Reflecting, Reviewing and Reaching Out
  • Term 5: Where are you at and where are you heading?
  • Term 6: Transitions- Be Prepared!
  • Term 7: Moving On

In conjunction with their Mentors, students create a Personal Learning Plan. This plan contains their Career and Transition goals, a portfolio of workplace documents and evidence of their achievements. Students work closely with their Mentors to review these plans, regularly updating them and setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals. Mentors also liaise with their mentee’s family, sharing and communicating these goals and plans for the future. This three way relationship is at the heart of this holistic and dynamic program.