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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of the students is integral to all aspects of College life. The College Leadership and Learning Facilitators (teachers) have carriage of a pastoral care policy that has the welfare of the students at its heart. ‘Mentor groups’ are a core support in meeting the pastoral and learning needs of our students. Access to counselling services are available.

The Pastoral Care and Wellbeing of students at the college is managed and overseen by a team consisting of members of the College leadership team, Learning Support team, External welfare specialists and College Counsellors. The work that they do is highlighted in the vision statement below.

Student Wellbeing Engagement Assistance and Transition – SWEAT: VISION

To act as the primary means of reflection on, direction, leadership and support for student wellbeing, engagement, assistance and transition at Southern Cross

To raise and explore opportunities, ideas, connections, innovation within, across and beyond SCCVC that will:

  1. Enhance student wellbeing and engagement with a focus on both long range and day to day issues that impact on the quality of relations at SCCVC
  2. Enhance student transition to and from SCCVC, before and during and / or at the completion of the HSC
  3. Build relationships with welfare/well-being agencies. e.g Headspace, Rosemount, Berne
  4. Critically reflect on the practices of SCCVC in relation to student wellbeing, engagement, assistance and transition. To improve and expand this locally and to inform system and wider discussions and audiences.
  5. To inform, engage with and explore programs/ opportunities on offer via Rosemount partnership especially in regards to staff PD, Parent support and the conduct of programs such as ACE.
  6. Ongoing prof development and reviewing for staff to continue Choice Theory and implementing the SCCVC behaviour management policy- also aligned with the SCCVC strategic plan Dimension 2 (ensuring all the practices are implemented into policies and procedures)
  7. Working closely with the Diverse Learning Team and Counselling to ensure services/processes are in place for at risk students etc.
  8. Help program/review/evaluate Mentoring/Cluster programs to meet the needs of student well-being, engagement and transition


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