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Youth Ministry, Prayer and Social Outreach


The College is prourewheel2dly Catholic and incorporates all aspects of Catholic life, including regular prayer, Mass, opportunities for retreats and reflection days. Religious Education is part of the curriculum and all students complete Catholic Studies as part of completing their HSC. All aspects of College life are underpinned by Gospel values and the College has a close relationship with the local parish of St Mary’s, Concord.

Catholic Life and Mission at Southern Cross can be divided up into the following FOUR categories:

1. Catholic Studies


As part of their HSC, students at Southern Cross will complete STAGE 6 Catholic Studies. This course will give students the ability to develop an intellectual understanding of their faith to enable them to experience the truth that faith and reason are inextricably linked. In Year 11 units studied include Nature of Religion, Being Catholic and World Religions. In Year 12 units studied include Justice & Compassion, Mary and Women in Scripture, Sacraments at the Service of Communion and Catholic Moral Teaching & Conscience. Southern Cross aims to enable our students to have a solid understanding of the Catholic faith by encouraging them to think about and question various issues that are relevant to this generation.
Our passionate Catholic Studies Team of Learning Facilitators, invite students to engage in lessons that help them explore content relevant to the course while encouraging a flexible and engaging learning experience that seeks to form our students to seek the truth about God, the Church, the Bible, Morality, life after death and many other engaging topics. Students graduate from Southern Cross with a real life experience of what it means to be Catholic, both in and outside of the Classroom.

2. Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry at Southern Cross involves providing opportunities for our students to become involved in the Catholic Community as a way of nourishing their faith and putting their faith into action. These opportunities include participating in the Catechist Program at North Strathfield Public school; participating in World Youth Day; celebrating various Feasts of the Church with students from other Catholic Schools in Sydney; attending Pilgrimages and other Liturgies and Religious events within the College.
The College plans to develop the Youth Ministry Program that will provide extra curricula opportunities for students. A Youth Group to provide students with a safe place to grow in their faith and meet new
friends both from Southern Cross and other Catholic Schools in Sydney is a priority for the College.

3. Prayer

The heart of the Catholic experience of our Students at Southern Cross is prayer. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop their prayer life that include learning how to pray the Rosary, Christian Meditation, Praying with Scripture, Praise and Worship and other means to help our students connect with God. We are fortunate to have our own College Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Southern Cross where students can retreat to, at any time, to spend time in contemplation, meditation and reflection. Helping our students develop their personal relationship with Jesus is a priority for the College and we provide the opportunity for students to be guided in their spiritual life, if they so wish.

4. Social Outreach

All students are expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Social Outreach over the two years they spend at the College. The philosophy behind this requirement is to help our students to look outward and to seek to use their gifts and talents for the benefit of others. Initiatives at the College include attending Brekky Van to provide breakfast to the homeless of Sydney, visiting the local nursing home, St Mary’s Villa and an Immersion in an Aboriginal Community. Social Outreach is a means of putting faith into action and encouraging our students to become more socially aware of ways that they can contribute to the wider community and to the less fortunate members of our society.