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Gold Medal for Jonathan Lee

Congratulations to Jonathan Lee who won the Gold Medal in Hospitality for the recent World Skills competition held at our College.

The Inner Western Region competition ran on Friday, August 31st as part of the WorldSkills Australia program, which aims to build a skills culture by celebrating excellence in trade skills and inspiring young people to consider a skill-based career.

The event coincided with National Skills Week, which celebrates the diversity and benefits of Vocational Education and Training.

The task was designed to challenge students and their understanding of principles and methods of cookery as well as their passion for food and the Hospitality Industry.
The competition went for 3 hours, they had to prepare and serve two portions of an entree, main and dessert. It was assessed “through practical demonstration of various methods of cookery and supported by assessment of underpinning knowledge.”
The menu was Caesar salad, Stuffed chicken supreme, Fresh seasonal vegetables and Creamed orange rice with orange segments.

Jonathan now moves into the zone/region competition against state. independent and other Catholic Schools Students.

Good Luck!


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