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Winner of 2019 NSW Training Awards VET in Schools Student of the Year!


Congratulations Kelsey! Winner of VET in Schools Student of the Year

Kelsey Commons VET i Schools Student of the Year 2019

Kelsey began her VET journey in Year 9 when she completed her Certificate I in Hospitality. This experience sparked her interest to further pursue a pathway of study in VET. She chose the entertainment industry because it satisfied the thirst for the creative experience sh was seeking. Kelsey has a lot of passion for this pathway as it provided her with different options that changed her life and gave her valuable skills that will help her follow her passion. It offered an insight and clarity around the industry expectations and helped her decide it was an industry for her.


Congratulations Gauis! –  Finalist for VET in Schools Student of the Year.

2019_Gaius Commons VET in Schools Student of the Year Finalist

Gaius believes that Screen and Media is one of the best subjects anyone can study. He pictures himself behind the camera, directing or editing big time movies and shows in the future. Gaius recognises the challenge of switching fro an academic mindset to the vocational hands-on experience but knows hat this is what makes VET great. The vocational pathway allowed Gaius to get closer to his dreams and be ahead of all other in the race.







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