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SCCVC – Learning Anywhere, Anytime

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has certainly challenged conventional thinking in education. However, the students and Learning Facilitators of Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College (SCCVC) are well positioned to tackle those challenges.

Unlike many schools, SCCVC already has a significant online learning component of coursework built into every course. Students know this component as Blended Learning. Students participate in Blended Learning during flexible learning blocks in the College’s Learning Hub or remotely from home or the workplace. Additionally, a number of courses already have a significant amount of coursework available in this online format.

This is good news for families should a child need to be isolated from attending school as the student will be able to continue their education remotely. Whether at home or at school or in the workplace, the minimum requirements for a student to access and continue engaging in their learning is an ICT device with a web browser and an internet connection to continue engaging with their learning. Parents are asked to contact their child’s Mentor if they cannot meet the minimal requirements for access.

For parents and carers, supporting a child’s learning from home will be a new experience for many, however routine communication methods such as email, phone and messaging from the Compass School Information System will be used by the College to support students and families and to keep them informed.

Should wider isolation measures be put into place the College has in place contingencies to scale up delivery on online learning options using the existing G-Suite platform, the Canvas Learning Management System and a range of online services.

The College’s strategy for online provision is designed to enhance connections with students, ensure continued access to quality education and assist families in maximising student learning in this new environment.

Luke Collins
Leader of Learning and Innovation
On behalf of the College Leadership Team




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