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About Us

Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College (SCCVC) is committed to high quality:

  • Personalised learning
  • Vocational and training provision

Founded in and on a commitment to the well-being of all, embedded and formed in a Catholic, faith community.

SCCVC is the lead school in a Consortium of 10 Catholic schools, providing a vocationally focussed HSC pathway for students across greater metropolitan Sydney. As part of the Trade Training Centres in Schools (TTCs) initiative, SCCVC has been identified as model of TTC ‘Best Practice’

SCCVC students typically undertake three Vocational Course offerings, and other complementary courses, to pursue their post-school ambitions and successfully meet the requirements of the HSC.

As a ‘Workplace of Learning’, committed to flexible, relevant applied learning, SCCVC has a large and growing number of School-Based Apprentices and Trainees. In 2014, SCCVC is the largest provider of Vocational Education and Training in the NSW Catholic Sector.

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