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Ministers Celebrating National Skills Week

On the 31st Of August Pru Car the Shadow Minister for Skills and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education and Jodi McKay Shadow Minister for Transport, Shadow Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight  and member for Strathfield visited SCCVC in celebration of National Skills week. Ms Car and Ms McKay toured our College, both impressed with the facilities and the job readiness programs offered by SCCVC. Click here to read the full report:


Gold Medal for Jonathan Lee

Congratulations to Jonathan Lee who won the Gold Medal in Hospitality for the recent World Skills competition held at our College.

The Inner Western Region competition ran on Friday, August 31st as part of the WorldSkills Australia program, which aims to build a skills culture by celebrating excellence in trade skills and inspiring young people to consider a skill-based career.

The event coincided with National Skills Week, which celebrates the diversity and benefits of Vocational Education and Training.

The task was designed to challenge students and their understanding of principles and methods of cookery as well as their passion for food and the Hospitality Industry.
The competition went for 3 hours, they had to prepare and serve two portions of an entree, main and dessert. It was assessed “through practical demonstration of various methods of cookery and supported by assessment of underpinning knowledge.”
The menu was Caesar salad, Stuffed chicken supreme, Fresh seasonal vegetables and Creamed orange rice with orange segments.

Jonathan now moves into the zone/region competition against state. independent and other Catholic Schools Students.

Good Luck!

‘Minister visits SCCVC’

Staff and students welcomed Karen Andrews MP, Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills, to view the facilities here at SCCVC.  Yr 12 Student Leaders  Caterina Davis and Tom Nguyen played tour guides, whilst Yr 11 Photography student Koby Francalanza captured the visit on film (pictured with Ms Andrews, Principal Patrick O’Reilly, and Ms Chris Shakya, Head of  Vocational Education, Sydney Catholic Schools).

Michael Krawec, SCS IW Regional Director, and Michael Morris, SCCVC Partnerships Manager, joined the tour, where Ms Andrews showed great interest in the students taking part in Photography (Yr 11 student Simon Lufor) and in the Automotive Workshop.

‘Our chefs win the bronze medal’

Congratulations to Annalise Dell’Aia and Tara Lockwood for achieving the 2017 bronze medals at the NSW, ACT and Regional NSW Interschool Culinary Challenge and the 2017 HTN Inter-school Culinary Competition at TAFE NSW Ryde Campus.

Competing schools nominated  two students to compete as a team and were required to replicate the dish that the demonstrating chef prepares within a ninety minute time frame. Two identical portions of that dish were produced by each team with one dish presented to judging chefs for scoring and one dish for public presentation.

The team that achieved the highest score for their dish in each kitchen as determined by the judging chefs were then be declared the winning team of the culinary challenge

“Our Challenge was to make spatchcock with creamed spinach, dutch carrots, a potato lyonnaise. and a red wine jus. The competition started with a chef showing us how to make the recipe and we took notes down. We were up against 8 other  teams. The other teams were hospitality students from other schools around Sydney. We were nervous but we focused on the challenges ahead and worked well as a team with thanks to the training provided  by our hospitality teachers.”  Annalise Dell’Aia, Yr 12 

Social Outreach

All students are expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of Social Outreach over the two years they spend at the College. The philosophy behind this requirement is to help our students to look outward and to seek to use their gifts and talents for the benefit of others. Initiatives at the College include attending Brekky Van to provide breakfast to the homeless of Sydney, visiting the local nursing home, St Mary’s Villa and an Immersion in an Aboriginal Community. Social Outreach is a means of putting faith into action and encouraging our students to become more socially aware of ways that they can contribute to the wider community and to the less fortunate members of our society.



The heart of the Catholic experience of our Students at Southern Cross is prayer. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop their prayer life that include learning how to pray the Rosary, Christian Meditation, Praying with Scripture, Praise and Worship and other means to help our students connect with God. We are fortunate to have our own College Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Southern Cross where students can retreat to, at any time, to spend time in contemplation, meditation and reflection. Helping our students develop their personal relationship with Jesus is a priority for the College and we provide the opportunity for students to be guided in their spiritual life, if they so wish.



Rationale: Why BYOD?

At Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, our mission for learning engages young people to develop skills for success in life, learning and work. The College vision challenges students to be adaptable, flexible and creative critical thinkers in high-quality challenging learning contexts. 

Our BYOD program aims to provide for the learning needs of each student. This program offers a truly personalised learning experience, where the student are responsibility for their own learning, and have the opportunity to become highly skilled in their training and workplace.

In 2018 all students at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College will need to bring their own device or computer for learning.

‘The landscape of vocational education is changing’

The diversity of opportunities available through vocational pathways was emphasised when Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood hosted the NSW launch of National Skills Week.

Politicians and key players in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sphere attended the event, held at the College on August 29. The initiative was introduced by SkillsOne in 2011 to highlight the benefits of vocational training and its many providers.

Minister for Regional Development, Skills, and Small Business John Barilaro spoke about empowering students…….

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Patrick O’Reilly, Principal of Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College at the New South Wales Launch of National Skills Week 2016.


The launch was held at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, Sydney on August 29.


Why Vocational Education?

Vocational education courses are vitally important to many students from Years 9 to 12, providing applied learning that is practical, work based and appeals to a diverse range of students.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in schools are highly valued by students, parents and employers and are perceived by students as adding value to their school participation, their HSC achievement and their preparation for the transition to post-school education, training and work. Expanding opportunities for students to undertake school-based VET courses is a priority for Sydney Catholic Schools and Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College.

In recent years, changes in political, economic and social circumstances have led to substantial changes in the composition of the senior school population. Schools are challenged to ensure they are providing appropriate and relevant courses to meet the needs of a wider range of students. With increasing retention rate, students who once might have left earlier to take up employment or attend TAFE are staying longer and aiming to complete a Higher School Certificate that combines both vocational and general education.

Taken from the Vocational Education in Sydney Catholic Schools Position Paper