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Catholic Studies

1. Catholic Studies


As part of their HSC, students at Southern Cross will complete STAGE 6 Catholic Studies. This course will give students the ability to develop an intellectual understanding of their faith to enable them to experience the truth that faith and reason are inextricably linked. In Year 11 units studied include Nature of Religion, Being Catholic and World Religions. In Year 12 units studied include Justice & Compassion, Mary and Women in Scripture, Sacraments at the Service of Communion and Catholic Moral Teaching & Conscience. Southern Cross aims to enable our students to have a solid understanding of the Catholic faith by encouraging them to think about and question various issues that are relevant to this generation.

Our passionate Catholic Studies Team of Learning Facilitators, invite students to engage in lessons that help them explore content relevant to the course while encouraging a flexible and engaging learning experience that seeks to form our students to seek the truth about God, the Church, the Bible, Morality, life after death and many other engaging topics. Students graduate from Southern Cross with a real life experience of what it means to be Catholic, both in and outside of the Classroom.