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Studies in Catholic Thought


As part of their Higher School Certificate (HSC), students at Southern Cross will complete STAGE 6 Studies in Catholic Thought. This is a Board Endorsed course with no external HSC examination. All students at Southern Cross complete Studies in Catholic Thought, a Stage 6 Board Endorsed course as part of their HSC.

Studies in Catholic Thought give students the ability to develop an intellectual understanding of their faith to enable them to experience the truth that faith and reason are inextricably linked. Thought provoking modules such as ‘Who is a Human Person?, The Trinitarian God & Humanity, The Re-imaging of Creation’, ‘Virtue, Vice & Salvation, The Good Works, and The Common Good’ actively engage students in their faith life.

The passionate Studies in Catholic Thought team facilitates engagement in learning that helps students explore content relevant to the course through participation in meaningful and engaging learning activities. The course aims to assist students:
towards a better understanding of themselves, God, and other relationships with Him; and to engage with the tradition of the Catholic Church through scripture, history, theology, philosophy, literature, art, music and liturgy.

Graduates leave Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College with a real life experience of what it means to be Catholic, both in and beyond the Classroom.