• Assessment - An Assessment Handbook will be provided to outline the assessment requirements and timing of all courses. Assessments will be consistent with Board of Studies requirements for HSC courses. Further information about assessment will be provided at the student orientation. Attached here is the SCCVC Assessment Handbook (2016-2017) for all details pertaining to assessment across all courses at the college.
  • BYOD - Rationale: Why BYOD? At Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, our mission for learning engages young people to develop skills for success in life, learning and work. The College vision challenges students to be adaptable, flexible and creative critical thinkers in high-quality challenging learning contexts.  Our BYOD program aims to provide for the learning needs of each student. This program offers a truly personalised learning experience, where the student are responsibility for their own learning, and have the opportunity to become highly skilled in their training and workplace. In 2018 all students at Southern Cross... Read More
  • Patterns of study - Students receive a non-ATAR HSC, and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate I, II or III qualification(s), depending on the particular course selected and the units of competency achieved. A wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses will be on offer for students to study
  • Specialisations - Many of our courses offer students the opportunity for deeper study into Year 12, students are able to specialise in various subjects and improve their employability through receiving higher level qualifications.
  • The College Day - The College timetable is designed to support student learning in the workplace. A school-based day of typically four learning blocks between 8.20am and 2.40pm is offered (some courses may engage a fifth, later or earlier learning block). Hours vary during the work placement periods in order to meet industry requirements. Time is made available each Tuesday for mentoring groups when the day starts at 9:25am and finishes at 2:45pm. Times also vary on a Friday to allow for Cluster Battles between our two house Clusters or for additional student briefings.
  • Uniform - College Uniform is always to be worn to and from the College (unless otherwise directed).