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External VET (EVET) Courses


While many students enrol full-time at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, some courses are also offered on one block session per week (usually in the afternoon) so that students from other schools can attend part-time as external students. The timetable of classes being held in 2019 is shown here.

Calendars for 2019 EVET classes can be found here:

The following EVET courses are being offered in 2020 to Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students. Most courses are 240 hour courses and run over 2 years.

  • Automotive – Mechanical (240 hours over 2 years)
  • Beauty Services (Make-Up) (360 hours over 2 years)
  • Business Services (240 hours over 2 years)
  • Construction (Pathways) (240 hours over 2 years)
  • Early Childhood Education and Care (360 hours over 2 years)*
  • Entertainment Industry (300 hours over 2 years)
  • Events (Tourism, Travel and Events) (240 hours over 2 years)
  • Furniture Making (180 hours in 1 year)
  • Hairdressing (180 hours in 1 year)
  • Human Services (Health Services Assistance) (300 hours over 2 years)**
  • Information and Digital Technology (240 hours over 2 years)
  • Property Services (Agency) (300 hours over 2 years)
  • Screen and Media (240 hours over 2 years)

Most courses allow Year 12 students to complete a part qualification if they join the class for one year only. The exception is Early Childhood Education and Care* . The Human Services** course can only be undertaken by Year 12 students if they are enrolled in a 240 hours course over one year.

In some cases students can also undertake additional training in courses related to courses being completed at their own school or in addition to an existing EVET course, enabling them to either extend their competency or even complete the full Certificate III qualification in that course. These courses are an additional 120 hours, over one year.

  • Construction (120 hours)
  • Hospitality (Catering Operations) (120 hours)
  • Hospitality (Food and Beveridge) (120 hours)

Interested students should visit the Sydney Catholic Schools Vocational Education website to learn more about specific courses, you can also view more information about the EVET Courses available in 2020 here

Students who wish to attend these courses in 2020 will be required to complete an EVET Expression of Interest form and discuss with their VET Coordinator at their home school. Once you receive permission from your school, you can apply for a course here.

More information was provided to interested parents and students at an Information Evening held on 31 October 2018 at the College, here is a link to the presentation from the event.

All students are inducted into the College during the first week of classes. A summary of the 2019 presentation can be viewed here.

As well as the VET Courses offered here at the college to students from other schools, SCCVC students have the option of undertaking EVET study in courses offered by other Trade Training/Skills Centres and TAFE NSW and other providers.

The following links provide further information on this option of study:

External VET Student Attendance (School’s Use Only)

Schools should follow this link to review NESA enrolment processes