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Vocational Enterprises

Southern Cross Vocational EnterprisesSouthern Cross Vocational Enterprises is a unique educational unit established as a business model to provide enterprise opportunities for students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training courses.

Under the guidance of experienced industry specialists, senior students from Sydney Catholic Schools have the opportunity to engage in enterprise activities to observe and work alongside professionals to include, but not limited to Chefs, Food and Beverage Attendants, Technical Operators, Event Coordinators, and Corporate Administration Teams. This enables students to develop skills and knowledge aligned to course requirements and for future employability.

Southern Cross Vocational Enterprises is part of Sydney Catholic Schools, and is established as a part of the vision and learning philosophy within the educational setting of Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College Burwood. The dedicated Enterprise Team is focused on providing goods and services aligned to industry benchmarks and expectations.

SCVE1 AuditoriumThere are a number of ways the team may support you whilst engaging students in training: from providing catering and staffing for your event at your location or ours through Kassala Catering, Conference Centre, or through the hire of our state of the art facilities which offer unique options to host professional development, corporate and private events through as well as theater productions, recording sound tracks or a demo tape in the studio. For more information please click on our Entertainment and Events information flyer.

Domermy Alliance Dinner-Table SettingOur aim is to establish a sustainable operational model built from the support of our patrons. We welcome you to contact our team as your business enables these opportunities to be realised for students.

Our Supporters

Supporters are key to the success of providing real experiences for students to engage with industry professionals as part of studying their vocational courses. Our supporters range from across the Archdiocese of Sydney within the catholic and wider private and corporate sectors of the community.

The Enterprise Team

Engaging students in real work activities whilst studying in a specific industry area is a credible and valuable way for students to gain an understanding of what the expectations will be when they are part of the workforce. It is a privilege for our Enterprise Team working alongside college facilitators to guide and up skill students interested to be successful in their chosen field.

The team are dedicated professionals who are passionate about their industry and what it has to offer the wider community and the students entering these fields. Our team provide professional services and products comparable in quality to the market place. The focus is to provide you with the level you expect whilst engaging students in the process.

It is a dynamic and challenging work and learning environment aiming to achieve industry standards as well as focus on training at the same time. Student success is measured in a number of ways; whether it is through observation or the hands-on involvement to make and create a product. The students engaged with our industry professionals through Southern Cross Vocational Enterprises have a unique and rewarding opportunity.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your next event successful. Call us today on 9568 8111 and one of our team will welcome your enquiry.